What Are Common Uses For Tarpaulin?

What are Tarpaulins

Tarpaulins are a thin waterproof sheet of woven plastic that is laminated, mainly used for covering up vehicles and cargo to protect them from the weather and the sun. There is a smaller selection of common general uses of a tarpaulin that are usually mentioned by the manufactures however I would like to also highlight that the usefulness of tarpaulins is effectively limitless. With a product as versatile as a tarpaulin with its extensive list of features that make it useful and durable in any situation, it’s no wonder why these products are so popular.

Common Functions

The most common use for tarpaulins is mainly for use with sensitive cargo that is exposed to the weather, perfect for use while transporting firewood on a trailer. This is because of its highly waterproof material and the metal eyelets (that most tarpaulin manufacturers include) that allow the user to easily attach the tarps to vehicles, cargo, scaffolding or trailer beds to keep the tarps in place in windy conditions. As mentioned above they are often used on scaffolding to protect the workers, tools, materials and the work site in general from rain and wind. On scaffolding, it is essential for the eyelets to be included so if you are buying a tarp make sure it includes eyelets as a feature.

Camping and Survival Uses

A tarpaulin can be used in survival situations to do a large range of practical things such as:

  • Collecting rainwater for washing or drinking
  • Making a waterproof shelter to keep dry in rainy conditions
  • Covering a broken tent or window to protect yourself from the elements.

In more common camping use even before a tent fails tarpaulins are often used to provide extra protection from rain just in case there is bad rainfall, as some tents are not well equipped for heavy rain conditions.

Products that pair with tarpaulins

There are lots of other products that are used with tarpaulins, most of these products are used to hold them in place over cargo to stop wind exposing the cargo or area underneath the tarp. The first one that is commonly used is rope, this can be used to loop through the eyelets to tie tarps to a solid grounded position. Also, another product that can be used is zip ties, these are used for the same purpose as the rope however the eyelets of the tarp must be in very close proximity to the attaching points.