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What is a Leaf Pool Cover?

Are you troubled by leaves, pine needles, dirt and other debris constantly falling or blowing into your pool? Are you looking for a cover that doesn’t require more than one person to take it off and put it back on? A leaf cover may be a perfect solution to your maintenance concerns.

A leaf pool cover is an ideal option for pool owners who wish to keep leaves and debris out of the water, while still maintaining a secure barrier for the safety of young children.

How does it work?

After a pool safety net has been installed on your pool, the installation crew takes measurements so a leaf cover can be custom sewn to line up with the pool net and be installed using the same anchors as the net. No additional holes need to be drilled in your deck to put the leaf cover in place.

What are the benefits?

The leaf cover reduces the need for continual sweeping and makes maintenance easier by preventing unwanted debris from accumulating in the pool. Leaf pool covers are economical, lightweight, and easy to use. The durable fabric comes in an attractive shade of green to compliment the surrounding landscape.

You may choose to leave the cover off during the swim season and replace it when the leaves begin to fall in the autumn or when you close the pool down at the end of the swim season.

Is it a safety cover?

A leaf pool cover, by itself, is not a safety cover and does not help prevent drowning. Leaf pool covers are designed strictly to keep your pool clean and free of leaves and debris. They cannot be walked on, like some other types of pool covers, such as safety pool covers. They must be used in conjunction with a pool safety net.

Can I get a leaf pool cover if I already have an existing net?

Leaf pool covers are also an available option to pool owners with an existing pool safety net cover already in place. If you have previously purchased a net, we can provide you with a leaf cover at any time. We just need to schedule a time to take adequate measurements so we can place the order for your custom fitted leaf cover.

Benefits of getting a leaf pool cover

A leaf pool cover and pool safety net provide an ideal combination for pool owners looking for a secure safety barrier and wanting easier maintenance by preventing unwanted debris from accumulating in the pool . Leaf pool covers are economical, lightweight, easy to put on and take off, and excellent for closing the pool at the end of the swim season.

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