Welding Screens

Welding Screens / Welding Curtains

We manufacture welding screens with the following benefits:

  • Durable Plastic sheeting
  • Prevents Ark Eyes
  • Filters damaging UV light
  • Self extinguishing
  • Easy to secure.

Welding screens are generally used to shield chipping, cutting, grinding and welding applications from the unprotected eye and to contain sparks and flames from spreading beyond the work area. Some of these screens are opaque reinforced fire retardant fabrics that offer 100% visual protection and particle containment from grinding and blasting operations. Welding screens also help to prevent Arc eye.

Metal & welding shop applications

  • Metal and welding shop applications such as chipping, grinding, heat treating, sand blasting, welding, cutting, and painting often require enclosures for safety. Welding curtains are designed to be used only in a vertical/curtain configuration. They are not intended to be used horizontally as a blanket. They do not have the heat rating, strength, or fireproof rating necessary to catch slag or other molten materials.
  • The foil is designed to shield out harmful UV radiation produced by the welding process and is flame retardant to prevent possible fires caused by the welding splatter. Welding screens are used when there is no immediate fixing spot (like a rail-system or a tube) for the standard curtain. Screens can be easily moved around in a workplace and increase the flexibility on the welding spot.

Heavy-duty ultra-violet light absorber, creating a safer working environment

  • Suitable for workshop areas where welding, cutting and grinding operations take place
  • Packed in kit form and can be erected without the use of tools.
  • The material is impervious to burning should the material come into contact with welding splatter
  • Material has been tested for ultra-violet transmittance with readings of 0.005%, 0.001% and 0.05% allowing only 15% visible light

Durable Plastic Sheeting

  1. 300 mic Poly –vinal- chloride transparent.
  2. Tear strength – 13kg f/mm.
  3. Tensile strength 23.5 Mpa / 50cm.
  4. Elongation 250% at break.
  5. Filters damaging UV light.
  6. Tested at 300-360 nm – transmission “nil”.

Does not burn

  1. Self extinguishing.
  2. Oxygen index test – 26%.
  3. Prevents Ark Eye.

Easy to secure

Heavy duty brass eyelets spaced 300mm apart on all four sides.

We stock the following:  2m x 3m Yellow 300mic Welding Screen (Incl eyelets & rope)

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